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4th January 2019by was73100

These days there are a wide range of extractor fans on the market to cover a multitude of both commercial and domestic uses. Whereas once for domestic use, if you went to a do it yourself store, you would probably only be able to buy a small six inch extractor fan for fitting straight through your kitchen or bathroom wall.

Most do it yourself stores, or electrical wholesalers now stock a wide range of domestic extractor fans to cover a multitude of different uses.

As an example in many large modern houses you may have a toilet or bathroom that does not have an external wall to put an extractor fan through. However you can now buy fans with ducting made to go above the ceiling, and direct the airflow outside. This means that your toilet or bathroom can now be provided with ventilation wherever it is in your house.

There are now humidity-controlled fans available for kitchens or bathrooms. This also makes them an ideal choice for shower rooms, where humidity is often an issue, or high traffic family bathrooms.

These humidity-controlled fans can be wired in to turn on automatically when a certain humidity level is detected. The fan will then run continuously until the humidity level has been decreased, and then turn off automatically.

Or you may choose to just put in a traditional extractor fan that fits through a wall with the aid of ducting. These types of fans commonly come on with the bathroom light, and go off when it is turned off. Alternatively you may choose to buy one that continues to run for a few minutes after the light has been switched off. You can often set the time you require them to run for, thus saving on electricity.

In kitchens at home in the 70’s we often had a simple fans cut through a hole in a glass window. Now you are far more likely to buy a designer kitchen extractor fan. These are now often made in stainless and glass, with built in lights, and are now seen as “Feature” of your kitchen, rather than something to hide away from sight.

Given the recent changes to what electrical work you can now carry out in your home yourself, you will almost certainly need an electrician to fit your extractor fan. You could do the physical side of fixing the fan yourself e.g. drilling a hole through a wall, and installing ducting, but you will need an electrician to wire it up.


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